The Staff

Jay Sullivan Jarrell J Sullivan-  Energy Efficiency & Internet Marketing

I have 2 passions, creative niche marketing & saving the Earth.  I’m only one of a few individuals with specialized knowledge of high-efficiency heating and heat recovery systems for commercial & high-density buildings. I offer expert advice to building owners on the many possibilities, challenges & energy saving benefits of commercial heating upgrades located in NYC- Manhattan buildings.  Learn more –>

I also enjoy helping small business succeed with their online marketing objectives.  I started AMN Industries llc in 2010 for this reason and my team has helped some local Milford business’s keep their heads above water and even grow through these though economic time.
Learn more –> 

I want to make an positive impact on my beloved town of Milford,CT, which I’ve called home for the last 5 years.  My friends and I came to the conclusion that Milford needs a online message board, a big one.  So we started and the same talented group of friends working on this site wants to help you with your new website or creative marketing project.

Jarrell Jay Sullivan
203.376.5208  (Website questions)  (MilfordMix questions)

Charlie Howitzer-  Photography, Video
Charlie works full time for a multinational communications company, rips the guitar, and is known for competing in epic ping pong battles on his lunch break.  Charlie knows more about music than most people and he enjoys playing disk golf on his Fridays mornings off.

Ashley Brandon-  Copyrighting, Editing
Ash is a recent graduate of Southern University, in Marketing and helps out more than anyone.  Creative marketing, proposals, advertising, marketing and editing.

Alex Kali-  Editing – 3D Modeling
Alex a recent grad (only 1-6 in engineering, out of 650 grads) with all sorts of awards in engineering and science. Alex is one of the nations few experts in 3D modeling/ printing and just finished up a internship with NASA.  Working on heat rejection systems during day, and doing some editing for by night.  Alex is working on an awesome marketing idea with 3D modeling- stay tuned.

grateful dead bearKarina Kali-  Artist
Karina is a very talented local Milford artist, and creative thinker.  Karina does all our art, and offers hard painting, custom painting, henna tatoos, and more.  You can see her at Robert Treat Farmers Market every Wednesday, selling her art and coconut oil.


Mike Assed-  Promotions
Mike is the newest member of the team, specializing in promotions.  He was recently working the door at Archie Mores, and now bar tending at Uno’s among other things.  He should have a new website coming soon for his new promotion company soon.


The Staff
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