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The internet is great, when it’s helpful.  Trying to find something new to do online in any town is next to impossible.  Every business has there own site, each town is trying to promote different events on numerous websites on different topics.  Trying to figure out what to do in Milford, with a computer, just got a lot easier with

creative marketing, is a mix of all the best elements of the top websites today.  At our core is a powerful content management system (CMS), giving everyone the ability to easily create their own webpages.  This advanced system has 3rd party applications that allow MilfordMix to tap into sites like; Yelp, Twitter, F-Book, for easy sharing and commenting.  We also have painstakingly posted many links to other small niche website on various events and activities.  Our goal is to get all the information going on in Milford in one place, one site.  It’s kinda like Patch, but with a total reference/ database of every single business, event, cause and activity-only on Milford,CT.  Giving Milford business owners, local artists, musicians, event promoters, residents etc, the ability to promote what ever it is they care about with our easy to use self-publishing tools. is owned, operated & managed by a local Milford internet company in Woodmont.

If you are a small business owner in Milford, CT and want a new website, please consider our company, AMN Industries LLC.
Our services include; website design, hosting, management, copyrighting, and more.


Jarrell Sullivan – owner
AMN Industries LLC
Niche Marketing Experts


Past Clients: 


Team > Employees

When you choose us for your website or creative marketing project you are hiring a group of talented, hard working and creative young adults.  We genuinely enjoy creative marketing and helping our communities local small businesses.  We’re Milford’s local niche marketing experts and when you work with us you get the very best from an entire group of talented men & women. Team Members

Jarrell J Sullivan-  Mastermind

Charlie Howitzer-  Photography, Video

Ashley Brandon-  Copyrighting, Editing

Alex Kali-  Editing – 3D Modeling

Mike Assed-  Promotions

Karina Kali-  Artist

Chaz Blake-  Contributor


AMN Industries Statement
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